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Benoit Montambault - Sound Artist - Composer - Performer

I was tempted to call this piece Stop Making Sense but the problem is that I've already used it last time. And it's not even like it's original, I basically stole it from David Byrne. So after hours, days, weeks passed trying to figure something out I chose this title rifght here. Hope you like it, it's for you. 

P.S. (It's actually not just for you, it's for Alice as well. Oh yeah and the piece is dedicated to her too).


For flute and electronic.


    This piece was written for the flautist Alice Szymanski. It wished to redefine the intimate relationship between the instrumentist and his instrument, a relationship defined by both harmony and conflict. Every time he takes his instrument, the performer is confronted with his own self, his limitations and his desires. Through virtuosity, [...] It's for You [...] tries to strip the performer down and expose him at his barest, so that he may, in the end, truly exchange with the public without any artifice. 


Created by Alice Szymanski to whom the piece is dedicated


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