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Benoit Montambault - Sound Artist - Composer - Performer


Performance-installation performed by TRIO SR9 written in collaboration with Pierre Jodlowski


     MACHINE(s) is the latest project of the SR9 Trio. A show, a performance and an installation, MACHINE(s) questions the identity of the performer in the contemporary world by confronting him with himself, other performers as well as machines threatening to take over his role. All of this taking place under the scrutiny of a Tom Waits like spectre. Camped in a hybrid universe halfway between theatre, industrial music and experimental rock, moving from text to drum sets, as well as metallic instruments, three prrformers create a brand new world, the result of a collaboration between Pierre Jodlowski and Benoit Montambault. All of this takes place in a scenography designed by Géraldine Trubert


    MACHINE(s) is co-written with Pierre Jodlowski and is co-produced by GRAME, Studio Éole, and La Fabrik. It benefits of the help of DICRÉAM, DRAC - Rhône-Alpes and Mécénat Société Générale


Performed and produced by the SR9 Trio (

Music, direction and concept: Pierre Jodlowski and Benoit Montambault (

Video: Pierre Jodlowski and Pierre Paré-Blais (

Scenography: Géraldine Trubert (





© Claudia Hansen

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