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Benoit Montambault - Sound Artist - Composer - Performer

Stop Making Sense

Pièce pour percussionniste et danseur


     Stop Making Sense is the piece that helped me redefine my work as a composer and sound artist. It was written on the initiative of percussionist Galdric Subirana who was looking for a piece that would join dance and music in a novel way, a piece where dance and music would become one while each conserving their distinct identites. Around a modified marimba filled with nothing more than D flats a percussionist strikes a note. Its resonance is then cut off by the dancer. What follows is a game of didactics where the dancer force the percussionist to modify his approach to the instrument by taking over the physical space of said instrument. Stop wants to tell a story, that of two people living in independent worlds yet bound by a common physical reality, a reality that both enables and challenges communication.


A true game of cat and mouse, Stop Making Sense is a hybrid where dance cannot truly retain its intended identiry and where music cannot, at any time, exist outside of dance.


Dedicated to Galdric Subirana, Robert Pascal and Véronique Béland

Created by Galdric Subirana and Frank Gizycki

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