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Benoit Montambault - Sound Artist - Composer - Performer

Vu que, peu importe, tu vas me demander pourquoi. 

Performance written for two percussionnists and electronics.


     This performance was commissionned by percussion player Lucie Delmas. It was a yearlong collaboration that remains, to this day, somewhat of a work in progress. It aims to question the relationship betwenn a performer and the audience by having the former try to communicate with the latter. The audience is here represented both by its own self and by the second percussion player, who is but a silent witness. 

    A piece centered around two glockenspiels tuned a quarter tone apart, Vu que, peu importe, tu vas me demander pourquoi is a quiet journey, where little seems to happen and yet every gesture is but another opening to seize.


The piece has been performed in France.


Created by Lucie Delmas and Théo His-Mahier

Dedicated to Lucie Delmas




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