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Benoit Montambault - Sound Artist - Composer - Performer

Une naissance, n'importe quoi, ou quelque chose comme ça...

Performance-installation written for one musician and electronic means


     This installation was created in collaboration with Christophe Lebreton (RIM) and Nicolas Cousin (interprète) through the Laboratoire Scène Recherche of percussionist Jean Geoffroy. It was first performed at the CCN Rilleux-la-Pape in April 2013 during the Journées GRAME


    A performer is alone in front of a microphone and two monitors: a space devoid of sound and scenography, an empty space. Cupping his hands around the microphone he engenders a sound, a sound that borders purity, nearing a sine wave: an audio feedback. Through subtle movements, the performer enables this sounds to breathe, to live. 


    As the piece unfolds, sound effects ranging from pitch shifting to distortion, are added to the sound, adding to its complexity. The sound is therefore allowed to live a life of its own, ignoring more and more the primal influence of the musician who gave it life. In a manner analoguous to a child emancipating himself from his parents, the sound gains autonomy, while the performer tries, as many parents would, to retain some influence over his creation. 


     A true articulation of the realtionship between sound and its creator, Une naissance, n'importe quoi ou quelque chose comme ça... wishes to bring the audience member into a world of sound that has never quite been articulated before, a dream of some sort, an intangible stroy.  


Une naissance [...] has been performed in Canada, Japan, France, Germany and Bulgaria.


Created by Nicolas Cousin

Dédicated to Nicolas Cousin and Christophe Lebreton




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